Summit Baptist Church, along with seven other area churches, are combining efforts for the presentation of Return to Bethlehem. This production, held November 28-December 6 at New Victoria Baptist Church, portrays the village of Bethlehem the night of our Savior’s birth. What an awesome way to share the good news with your family, friends, and/or those who are lost, as you walk through this authentic village!  This will be enjoyed by adults and children to display the true meaning of Christmas.
WE DO NEED YOUR HELP, and there are several ways to do so:
Cast and Crew
Behind the scenes
Donation of props
Monetary donation
Our most immediate need is help with construction. ALL can help…..even the ladies!  Construction will be held every Saturday morning through November 21st at New Victoria Baptist Church on Bells Ferry Road, right across the street from Hobgood Park. Your help would definitely be appreciated!
If you have questions, please contact Ruthie or Darrel Lindsay at (770) 317-5606 – and Ruthie Moss at (404) 375-6909 – If we don’t know the answers, we’ll find certainly find out for you.  For additional help, you may also visit the website at
Also, please check out the slide show at the foyer table on Sunday mornings.  You can receive information, as well as the opportunity to sign up to help. Come join us. You will be truly blessed.

A monetary donation to the ministry can be made by visiting the website

Following is a list of items that are needed for the city. When you are out shopping and are going to yard sales and find really good prices, please feel free to pick up any of these items you would like to donate to Return to Bethlehem. Remember they are going out into the weather so you don’t want to spend a lot.

  • ficus trees
  • palm trees
  • greenery, bushes, vines
  • any type of green stem greenery (not flowers)
  • plastic grapes
  • grape vines
  • artificial fruit and vegetables
  • wicker baskets
  • brass pieces
  • pottery pieces: bowls, jars, jugs, mugs
  • old looking wooden bowls & spoons
  • leather scraps for leather shop
  • old metal tools for the blacksmith shop
  • woven rugs & blankets, simple solid, striped patterns
  • old wooden cages, fake rocks/stones
  • burlap bags or rolls of burlap
  • fabric for the fabric shop (should be like upholstery fabric)
  • canvas fabric for awnings
  • fabric for making specialty costumes, ornate decorative fabric for wise men and census takers, might look like curtain fabric
  • hot chocolate