Welcome to the world of spiritual gifts!

God has given every Christian at least one spiritual gift, and probably more. This questionnaire is designed to help you understand what your spiritual gifts are and how to use them in ministry. Many similar inventories are available on the market today, so what separates Gifted2Serve apart from other spiritual gifts inventories?

Most spiritual gifts inventories are meant for the Church at-large, which means the different biblical interpretations of the various spiritual gifts must be considered in developing the inventory. In developing this inventory, I began with the Bible and then researched several other inventories to develop a series of questions based on my scriptural understanding of each of the spiritual gifts. I then balanced them with my perception of how each gift is used in the particular church in which I ministered at the time of writing, Lakeview Baptist Church, Auburn, Alabama.

Therefore, Gifted2Serve was designed for the members of Lakeview Baptist Church so that they may understand how God has placed them in the local body. By using this spiritual gifts inventory in conjunction with the other elements of a personal ministry profile (as taught in the Find Your Place curriculum), I pray that every member of the church will be able to find their place in ministry.

In putting Gifted2Serve online, I have slightly modified the material for use on a wider scale, but the approach and purpose remain the same. Essentially, I have a conservative evangelical approach that contains some influence from the Pentecostal/Charismatic perspective. The leadership at Lakeview generally shares this perspective. From this perspective, this inventory can be well described as a balanced biblical understanding of spiritual gifts and how they can be used to help Christians become active ministers in the Body of Christ.

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Andrew P. Kulp
Founder/Director of BuildingChurch Ministries, and
Former Lakeview Pastoral Intern

Spiritual Gifts Instructions:

This inventory contains 125 questions and will take 20-45 miuntes to complete, so please allow adequate time to answer all questions before beginning.

1. Pray. Ask God to guide you with a clear mind and an open heart. Ask God to help you be honest with yourself and Him through this exercise. Remember that this is a spiritual exercise to help equip you to better serve God according to His will.

2. According to the scale below, select the response that best describes or characterizes yourself. Record your answers on the answer sheet provided. DO NOT answer according to what you think should be true, but based on actual past experience. Do not leave any answers blank.

0 – Not at all characteristic of me/definitely not true for me.
1 – Occasionally characteristic of me/true for me–about 25% of the time.
2 – Sometimes characteristic of me/true for me–about 50% of the time.
3 – Usually characteristic of me/true for me–about 75% of the time.
4 – Highly characteristic of me/definitely true for me.

3. Answer each item as quickly, honestly, and accurately as possible. If you dwell too long on a particular question, you are less likely to answer it with complete honesty.

4. When you finish filling in the questionnaire answers sheet, calculate your score and record the results.

5. Seek further understanding of the spiritual gifts God has given you by reading the definitions provided, related scripture passages, and consider reading Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow by C. Peter Wagner, as well as other spiritual gifts materials.

Begin the Gifted2Serve inventory!