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  • Transformation

  • The Faithful Christ Follower

    In Paul’s personal letter to Timothy, we discover practical encouragement on how we can become growing, faithful followers of Jesus. Let’s live the difference!
  • Jesus says that when we “bear much fruit,” God is honored, and this fruit becomes clear evidence that we are genuine Christ-followers. Ask God to produce the fruit of the Spirit in your life – for His glory, your growth, and to be a blessing to all those around you!
  • Acts 1-5 – Something amazing happens after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. Christ’s followers move forward with powerful acts of obedience. The result is the transformation of millions of lives. Let’s travel with them with purpose and passion!

Older Sermon Series

What does authentic Christianity look like? Many have distorted images of Christianity because of misconceptions and bad experiences. The book of James takes us to the front lines of following Christ. Let’s learn how to “walk the walk”.
All Christ-followers have received spiritual gifts that lead to personal fulfillment, building up the body of Christ, and bringing great glory to God. Do you know how you are gifted? Are you ready to serve with passion and purpose?
From radical fulfilled prophecies to dramatically changed lives, we can learn much from the people who meet Jesus in His first visit to this planet. Follow Christ today – and be forever transformed!
Jesus brings joyful living to His followers. Joy, rejoice, and glad are oft-repeated words in this short book written about 25-30 years after Paul’s conversion. Discover the ingredients of lasting joy!
God has a timeless design for every person and family. Let’s look together at His incredible plan and let’s grow – as individuals and with those God has brought into our lives.
From weakness to strength! Time after time God’s strength is displayed through the weaknesses and challenging circumstances of Moses’ life. Will you allow God to surprise you in 2016 as He transforms your roadblocks into unforgettable victories?

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